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What is PRO AD CLICKS? is an advertising platform that lets the advertisers from all over the world to reach thousands of potential customers. On top of that, the members of can earn real cash from viewing our advertiser's websites in real time. The Platform has multi earning options, apart from watching ads, the members may earn by completing offers, doing simple tasks and by competing with each other.

How does it work?

Register and log in into your account. Click Ads from the menu to show the advertisements. Click an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches a certain treshold you can make a request for payout.

Can I have more than one account?

No, we believe you don't need more than one account. If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed. Please do not join from public networks (like companies, schools) that are all using the same IP address.
Be careful: 24hr unique IP click and connection!

I'm not getting credited for my referral's click. Why is that?

You need to click advertisements every day in order to receive referral earnings the following day. View the upgrade page in your member area for more information about this.

Can I change my username?

No, your account is identified based on your username. Therefore it cannot be changed.

How often can I click advertisements?

You can click advertisements every 24 hours. The ads reset at midnight (00:00h server time).

How often do I need to log in to prevent account termination?

Members must log in at least once every 30 day(s) in order to stay active. Inactive members could have their accounts suspended and forfeit any account balance, memberships, points, referrals and advertising credits.

Why is there more ads when I am logged out?

You will see more ads when you are logged out because our system allows advertisers to set demographic filters to their ads.

How can I find my referral link to promote this website?

Click Banners in your member area to find your referral link and banners.

How can I advertise on ?

Simply log in your account and click the ''Advertise'' button, this will show you all advertising options that we suggest. You will also need to add funds to your account balance before purchasing any of the advertisement types.

What are the payment methods?

You can make deposits/withdrawals using Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Bank

  • All Payments made to through Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Bank need to be made from verified accounts and the payment will be not accepted from unverified account.
  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • The payment to non verified accounts will be reject to the member balance. (The best is to have a verified account because it is easy to do and ensure the source of money.)
  • Members may request payment ONLY with the same payment processor as when they made their deposit.
  • Payments will be processed within 72Hours for Standard member and 24Hours for all upgraded member.
Refund Policy

The purchase of exposure packages and clicks for your ads are non-refundable.
The purchases of exposure packages for your banners are non-refundable.

Why is my account suspended?

There could be several different reasons why your account is suspended. It could be a recent transaction that has been placed under review or it's possible that you may have violated our terms. Also it could be that you are sharing a PC with your sponsor or down line and that is not permitted.
Payment processor dispute, claim, or charge back will result in permanent account suspension.
Using proxies, VPS, VPN, shared network environments, and/or auto click software are/is not allowed and will result in account suspension.
Inappropriate actions in attempt to cheating, hacking, steal, fraud, system abuse, any action that would violate the TOS, and/or inappropriate conduct in our forum or to other members will result in account suspension.
Please submit a support ticket and ask what has happened to your account.

Am I required to click ads to earn on my downline?

Yes we require you to click only 4 ads to earn on your referrals clicks the next day. For example you clicked 20 ads on Monday you will earn on your referrals clicks on Tuesday

Want to advertise?

You are in the right place. As an advertiser you have many ways to promote your business or affiliation links. We are different because we care about our advertisers.

We are offering different kinds of advertising opportunities to you:

  • Paid to Click
  • Fixed Advertising for Unlimited Clicks
  • Banner Advertising (Rotation 468x60)
  • Banner Advertising (Static 728x90)
  • Paid to Signup
  • Text ad (Featured Text & Featured Link)
  • Login Ads
  • Grid Ads
  • Special Packages

Our members are able to setup their advertising campaigns which are affordable for all budgets and requirements.

What is the minimum payout and how long does it take to receive my payment?

The minimum amount for the first cashout is $1.00.This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $20.00. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.
All payments will be made via payment accounts. Payments will be processed within 30 days